Check out our free book: The Master Bender Way: Conduit Bending using the Co-secant and Radius-of-bend methods.

The book is a PDF file formatted for easy reading on both Android and iOS devices.


Electrical Code-A-Day (FREE)

Electrical Code-A-Day app for iOS
Electrical Code-a-Day

Electrical Code-A-Day has an electrical code question for each day in the year. Take a minute a day to answer a question, or answer as many as you can in one go. How you do it is up to you!

This quiz app contains basic electrician questions written by a real electrician.

This app is for apprentices, journeymen, and masters. Whether you are learning the code or just need a refresher, this is the app for you.

Can you beat the Master? See how many of the 366 questions you can answer correctly!

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Master Bender Gold

Master Bender Gold iOS app
Master Bender Gold

Master Bender Gold is not just a bending calculator but a complete bending guide. We are the industry’s leading and most precise conduit bending app since 2007. Are you using the best conduit bending app?

Master Bender Gold is the industry’s leading and most precise conduit bending app.

Master Bender Gold is a conduit bending calculator for electricians. Master Bender Gold can also be used by plumbers and pipe fitters, who can enter their own tools into the app.

Master Bender Gold aids you in bending conduit raceways. It takes the math out of bending and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Master Bender Gold supports the following types of bends: offset bends and rolling offset bends, three and four point saddle bends, parallel bends, segment bends, concentric bends, gain/take-up, and 90 degree bends around a round, square, and rectangular object. It supports both cosecant and precision bending formulas using the centerline radius of the bend.

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Master Electrician Reference

Master Electrician App for iOS
Master Electrician Reference

Many States are now using 2017 NEC, so make sure you get Master Electrician Reference 2017 today. It is the handbook for electricians — and it costs less than most paper handbooks.

Master Electrician Reference (or MER for short) is your electronic pocket electrician reference guide.

MER is for electrical designers, engineers, installers, contractors, facility managers, inspectors, exam candidates, apprentices, electricians, journeymen, architects, and technicians. MER is for people doing residential, industrial, and commercial work. Simply, if you are a Master Sparky or work with electricity in any way, this reference guide is for you!

Have you ever lost pages or had damaged pages in your pocket electricians reference? The solution is here: Use MER to keep the most important information easily accessible on your phone or tablet. MER will even do calculations for you; something your old pocket reference book can’t do.

MER contains the answers to many of the questions in the Electrical Code-A-Day app.

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