ServiceTitan’s 13 Essential Electrician Apps for Technicians in 2021

ServiceTitan has a list of 13 essential electrician apps for technicians in 2021. And they have included our very own Master Electrician Reference app!

They write:

Many electricians consider the Master Electrician Reference (MER) to be the best electrician service app on the market.


This electrician service app offers a wealth of information, presented with comprehensive and clearly designed formulas, tables, charts, and pictures.

Thank you, ServiceTitan!

The Master Bender Way

The Master Bender Way
Conduit Bending using the Co-secant and Radius-of-bend methods

Learn how to bend conduit and how to use Master Bender Gold in our book: The Master Bender Way.

It is included as part of the Master Electrician Reference app (Lite and 2017 versions), and it is available as a free PDF download.

Download it here (PDF).

Must Have App for Electricians

FieldPulse Academy has a list of 7 must have apps for electricians. The first one mentioned is our Master Electrician Reference app for iOS and Android. They write:

The Master Electrician Reference (MER) is arguably the best reference resource that an electrician can have.

FieldPulse Academy Website
January 31, 2019

They continue: The Master Electrician Reference contains a wealth of formulas, pictures, charts, and other information. The app can also perform a variety of calculations for you.

We couldn’t agree more! Thank you, FieldPulse Academy!

MER on List of Best Electrical Apps in 2018

The good people at My LED Lighting Guide have created a list of the best electrical apps in 2018. We are proud to say that our Master Electrician Reference™ (MER) app made the list!

They write:

MER is an extensive reference guide for electrical designers, engineers, installers, contractors, facility managers, inspectors, exam candidates, apprentices, electricians, journeymen, architects, and technicians. MER is for people doing residential, industrial, and commercial work.

You may want to also check out their guide to everything you need to know about LED lighting. It describes everything from the benefits of LED lighting, to why you should switch to LED lighting, to how LED lighting works, and finally to how it makes the planet greener. Definitely worth a read!

What are the top smart phone apps for electrical professionals?

Voltimum has included both Master Electrician Reference™ and Master Bender™ on their list of top 24 smart phone apps built for electrical professionals.

They write:

Electrical professionals are joining the wireless mobile age, tasks that used to demand laborious hand calculations or time-consuming diversions to consult hefty code books, are now being sped up and simplified.

MER™ in the News

Master Electrician Reference™ is included in The Top 50 Tools for an Electrical Engineer’s Toolbox.

Master Electrician Reference™ is included in the 101 top apps for electrical engineers at Electrical Engineering Schools.

Master Electrician Reference™ is the feature story in the September 23, 2013 edition of NEMA®’s eiXtra Newsletter of Electrical Equipment and Medical Imaging Manufacturers.

Master Electrician Reference™ is listed on Mike Holt’s webpage for Smart Phone Apps for the Electrical Industry.