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Bend It Like a Pro!

Master Bender is the industry-leading app for precision conduit bending.

Master Bender is developed in collaboration with a Master Journeyman Electrician IBEW

Master Bender is designed for field work by professional electricians, plumbers, and pipe fitters

Master Bender lets you quickly and precisely compute how to bend conduit

Master Bender is used throughout the United States and around the world

Master Bender is independent of the NEC adoption in your area, so you can use it anytime and anywhere

Why You Should Use Master Bender

Precise calculations

Master Bender’s knows which bender you are using, so it gives you far more accurate results than is possible using the cosecant method, which is commonly used in the industry.

Easy to use

Master Bender is designed for field work. It has large buttons, which makes entering data easy.

No math

It takes the math out of bending and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand. We do the math, you bend the conduit raceways!


Master Bender makes you more productive, work faster, and have less waste. Master Bender can pay for itself in less than 10 minutes on the job site.


Master Bender Features

Supports over 90 hand, mechanical, electric (sidewinder), and hydraulic benders plus custom benders

Shrink and gain automatically corrected

90 degree bends around a round, square, and rectangular object

Offset and Rolling Offset bends

Three and Four Point Saddle bends

Compound 90 degree bends

Segment, Concentric, and Parallel bends

Gain & Take-up computations

Supports both U.S. and metric measurements

Support push-through bending


One More Thing…

Bubble level and inclinometer / angle finder

Use Master Bender as a bubble level and an inclinometer. Put your device flat on the back, or measure against the edge.