Electrical Code-A-Day Privacy Policy

Effective data: April 4, 2020

This Privacy Policy covers the “Electrical Code-A-Day” mobile application.

  • The app has a “Contact Us” feature that lets you email us questions and comments. Should you use this feature, we will receive an email from you, and we may respond to it.
  • The app allows you to open the Safari browser and the Facebook app on your device. We will only open these apps if you request it by pressing a link or button in our app. (For example, the button named “Visit Us on Facebook” will open our page on Facebook.)
  • The app may include analytical tools (such a Facebook App Events). Such tools help us understand how the app is being used.

The sale of the app is handled by Apple and covered by their Privacy Policy.

Should you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us via email: info@paweng.com